Psycho-Diagnosis :

Stressors are common part of our day to day life. As the cliché goes if you don’t have any worries and problems you are either dead or not born. While its common to not feel okay all the time, it is very important to distinguish whether your worries and stressors are bringing about significant changes in your body. The changes may resemble common physical difficulties, mood and behavioral transformations and even may lead to unhealthy neurochemical changes.

To become aware of the state we can analyze the changes that surface on mood-thought behavior, functioning and the time duration. The parameters are neither limited nor discrete enough for non-professional individuals to have a certain affirmation but they can surely alarm us of the risk zone one might be going into.

Getting a professional consultation is the prior and foremost thing that people should be encouraged in the event of anomaly. In cases where the individual is stigmatic and reluctant to be honest due to the fear of being judged, the care taker or the closest concerned member should undertake the required responsibility.

Stigma about Mental health is the biggest threat to a healthy living as people even ignore the fact that consultation doesn’t always end with unwelly diagnosis paired with need for medication. Consultation is also the way authentic confirmation is made about the fact that some level of changes are completely natural or indeed inevitable with the respective situations; where genuine recommendations to deal with the change is provided with. Most importantly consultation clears away all the doubts and false concepts that arise during the period.

There are various psycho-diagnostic techniques and features like Biofeedback, Electroencephalography that allows us to make valid deductions about our bodily functions circling around our mental health. In Beautiful Mind, some consultations are referred to these above mentioned tests where the relaxation level and stress level is monitored during the diagnosis.

There are some self-assessing resources available that one can use to evaluate if their psychological state is normal or require clinical consultation.


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